HOW WE WERE MADE - A book of revelations by William Neil, all about 666

666 is probably the most famous number ever. Of course, everyone knows it is mentioned in the bible at Revelations 13:17, but not many know that 666 is in there a second time, in 1 Kings 10:14.

But why did the 'god' get very angry when he heard that the 'beast' had offered it to humans? Why this bizarre number? And why does it invite the reader to 'calculate' it “let him who has understanding reckon the number[666]” ?

Because the real number - encoded to 666 to hide it - holds the secret of how we were made, or rather the basis on which creation was built – by 'them' – using a specification whose foundation was a set number string, which itself could be further encoded to build more systems. Once this secret was out we would truly understand 'how we were made'.

First I have to mention a simple concept so that the idea may be readily followed. That concept is a 'number string'. For those who had the misfortune to work with logarithms at school this will be well known, but it is simply put anyway. For example the logs of 2 and 2000 are 0.30103 and 2.30103. Notice the decimal parts (the mantissa) are the same, it's only the index (here 0 & 2) which differ – these tell us how large the number is. So here I am saying that 2 & 2000 are the same 'number string' – just different in length.

The decoding of 666 is quite simply 6 x 6 x 6, which gives 216, and that is the big secret. With 'number strings' in mind then, 21.6 and 216,000 will be the same number string. It turns out that this number – 216, and its derivatives when multiplied and divided by 1,2,3 etc, give up more design methodology. For example 216(x10) multiplied by 12 gives 25,920, a number without apparent meaning until it is exposed as the length of the Precessional Cycle in years. As there are 12 signs of the zodiac involved in this circular motion of the stars this means that each sign takes 2,160 years to pass. This matches the diameter of the moon which is 2,160 statute miles. The circumference of the Earth is 21,600 nautical miles. It may also be pointed out that, before the end of the ice age, the Earth's tilt was 21.60 (it's now 23.40), and the arctic and antarctic circles were both 21.60 away from the poles, and the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn were both 21.60 away from the equator.This tilt moves from a maximum to a minimum over a huge period of time - 43,200 years, which is twice 21,600. Today's tilt of 23.40 makes the tropics 66.60 from the poles, and the equater 66.60 from the arctic & ant. circles.

Is it an accident that Midsummer's Day is 21 June = 21.6 = 6.6.6(x10-1)?

Those are only a few – I have discovered hundreds.
It also says in Revelations that 666 is 'a human number ', and indeed it is – the human frame is based on 6. There are 6 openings in the skull (2 eyes, 1 nose, 2 ears, 1 mouth), 6 bones in both arms, 24 (6 x 4) ribs. The model male is 6 feet tall and will possess 216 (6.6.6) bones in his body (most folk have 213). There are a large number of other 6 measures on the body.

The ancient year was also based on 6, in Sumer, Egypt and the Yucatan, that is, 360 (6 x 6) days. They knew it was 365¼ days and accounted for the 5¼ days as 'specials'. The year matched the circle of 3600 (nb 36 = 6.6), and the 4 right angles of the crosshairs in a circle matched the 4 equinoxes/solstices of the year which are 90 days apart, as are the right angles 900  apart.There are also 4 right angles in a square. In the number string 36, all of the digits from 1 to 36 add up to -- 666!

Also from the ancient past these cultures wrote down certain numbers which were so odd that they were given their own names, some of these were also huge in length and their meaning has baffled scholars. All of these numbers, it turns out, are derivatives of 666. Here are 3 examples from Sumer (don't forget, 216 = 6.6.6): 1,080,000 the 'sargal-ia' which is 216,000 x 5; 432,000 the 'sargal-min' which is 216,000 x 2; 12,960,000 the 'sargal-su-nu-tag' which is 2,160,000 x 6. Remember the Precessional Cycle of 25,920 years from above? Well, 12,960 is half of this! One example each from the Hindu and the Mayan pasts: the Hindu 1,200 divine years, or 432,000 human years, the 'kaliyuga' or 'iron age'. A Maya number is 144,000 days called a 'baktun' or 20 'katun'. There are too many of these 6 or 666-derived numbers for them to be coincidences. One of the biggest Hindu numbers is the 'kalpa' which is 1,000 times a 'mahayuga', giving 4,320,000 human years (6.6.6 x 2 x 10,000) – the age of the Earth! And remember the tilt cycle of 43,200 years from above.

The moon and the Earth have been designd according to exact rules of arithmetic. There are so many of these measures that only a couple of examples can be shown here. One minute of longitude at the equator is 365.223 feet (x103), as this is also 1/360th of the Earth's width the minute brings together the real year of 365 1/4 days with the 'model' year of 360 days, in one place. The moon's diameter of 2,160 miles gives a width of one minute of longitude at the equator of 3.141592 (10-1) statute miles. I hope everyone recognises this as pi to a very high degree of accuracy!! As there are 21,600 nautical miles on all spheres, the ratio of statute miles (6785.8401 miles circumference) to nautical miles on the moon is 3.141592  (x 10-1). Neat; it can only occur on a planet with this diameter – 6.6.6 x 10 statute miles. Both bodies have also been placed in very precise distances from each other.Oh, by the way, the Earth's orbital velocity is 66,660, miles per hour, and, during the ice age, water covered 66.6% of its surface. Water is also 66.6% of a human, and indeed of all mammals. Every single cell in a mammal is this %.

6 also turns up in many constants. Carbon 60 for example has 60 atoms, with 6 protons & 6 neutrons per atom, while the angles between its structures are all derivatives of 216. The barometer & Fahrenheit's thermometer are 6 based. Quartz has a pieztoelectric effect & when an ac voltage is applied to it a fixed pulse results – at 6 x 106 cycles per 60 seconds. In a watch this frequency is reduced (thro' electronics) to 60 pulses per 60 seconds. The resting pulse of the human wearing the watch is also 60 per 60 seconds – synchronised with the quartz watch. The speed of sound in air is 736.3636 miles/hour at 320 F, this is also therefore 21,600 yards per minute, 360 yards per second, 1,296,000 yards per hour, 1,080 feet per second & 12,960 inches per second. All derived from 6.6.6. There are very many more of these fundamental constants.

The old imperial measurements (which go back to Sumer & Egypt) of inches, feet, yards & miles reveal these vital numbers – metric does not. The planets themselves are also placed according to the 666, & its derivatives.